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Developed by a real estate investor (house flipper) who takes his experiences and includes them in this easy to use house flipping software.

FlipSmart provides a fast, easy user interface that will calculate a profit for your flip, help you develop a budget so there are no surprises, and lead you to profitability. Flipping real estate the smart way.

Smarter flips equal Bigger Profits

I have not tested on Windows 7.   PLEASE test it out before purchasing!


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See how much money the flip will actually cost. Does that deal look as attractive when you start to budget for everything such as caulk, switch plates and the other little items that you do not think about? FlipSmart calculates your total investment and shows a profit potential. Before you invest in real estate know what you will be spending.

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  • Establish a realistic budget. The biggest problem for flippers is not having a budget established before the purchase.

  • Determine a profit and and expense budget before purchasing the property

  • Find hidden cost you may not think about or even know about

  • Print out a summary with picture to use in your personal files or take along to investors

  • Fast!  15 minutes and you can have a great idea of what you will profit or what you should pay for the property.

  • Easy to use.  The reason FlipSmart was developed was because the other software I came across was an overkill or a simple spreadsheet that did not go into depth. I developed FlipSmart with no intentions on selling it.  It has been through two years of development and fine tuning.

  • By using FlipSmart I passed on countless properties that looked good at first. On many of those properties I passed on, I see in foreclosure from investors who got in over their heads. The flippers could not sell for enough and are now upside down.


Real Estate Flip and Investing Software Updated April 11, 2009 v1.03

FlipSmart - Calculate how much it will cost (cost  estimator) to remodel and flip that house. Estimate your cost and lay a clear budget for a successful flip.
No software, book or self proclaimed expert in real estate flipping can accurately project a budget or profit.  Using FlipSmart will simply help you better understand where your money is going and how much you might get back in profit. Be wary of anyone who claims otherwise.   Home Flipping Software